Doypack Stand Up Pouches for Best Packaging Solutions

Doypack Stand Up Pouches for Best Packaging Solutions

Packaging is often an overlooked and underappreciated feature in products we buy. This particularly holds true for food products where various additional criteria need to be met to ensure healthiness and freshness of the product contained. Food packaging is expected to be easy to open and yet also protect against unintended breaches. This, being the default expectation often results in packaging being a noticeable feature only when it doesn’t fulfil said criteria instead of the other way around. So often times, customer satisfaction is the highest when even the customer him/herself doesn’t realize that he/she is, in fact, satisfied with the packaging of his/her product. That being said, now that we somehow have you here, let’s talk Doypack stand up pouches.

Keep it healthy and fresh with Doypack

At the most fundamental level, Doypack stands up pouches seek to ensure that your product is, first, kept within the constraints of its packaging, sealed from the outside factors. Second, it is made from materials that do not chemically interact with the food contained, keeping you safe from consuming anything but your intended food product. Third, your package is made to keep your food fresh, for as long as possible.

Doypack, does so by using various different packaging structures intended for various different products and purposes; be it a vacuum pouch to keep the air and everything that comes along, out or a polyethylene film that is suited for liquid products, or even a zipped structure to keep the food sanitary and fresh even after opening. The secret is in knowing there is no one uniform packaging that is optimal for all food products. For instance, while a vacuum pouch may suffice for keeping dried fruits safe you may need a packaging option with more protective layers for other products.

Which products are Doypack used for?

Doypack stands up pouches are used for a wide variety of products such as spices, nuts, snacks, dried fruits, dried tomato, cheese, dried meat, oil, olive oil, dried or pasteurized fig and even liquid soups and meals.

As mentioned before, doypack has various different structures that are each optimized for various foods, liquids and purposes to ensure the same high-level sanitary protection regardless of the product contained.

One final criterion

So far, we’ve only talked about the sanitary aspects of Doypack packaging, now, however, we can talk about one final aspect when it comes to packaging, ease of use. This aspect is ironically the most overlooked and yet, often, the most impactful feature that the customer experiences.

Doypack stand up pouches come with a lot of utility, be it in the form of multiple hanging holes for easier storage, special film for vertical packaging or zipper options to provide quality of life for opening and resealing

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