Fitpak Modified Atmosphere Packaging

Fitpak Modified Atmosphere Packaging

Modified atmosphere packaging, or MAP for short, is a packaging technique used to prolong the shelf life of fresh or minimally processed food. The types of food that modified atmosphere packaging is most used on are; fresh or minimally processed vegetables and fruits, meat and meat products, seafood.

What is Modified Atmosphere Packaging?

The term modified atmosphere refers to the practice of altering the gas composition inside a package to prolong the shelf life of the product contained. By enabling certain food to be stored for longer periods modified atmosphere packaging often lets food that would have, otherwise, gone to waste, to reach customers without losing its freshness.

How does modified atmosphere packaging work?

Oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen gas mixtures in the package are adjusted to suitable levels to keep the food fresh. This is often done by reducing the amount of oxygen to as low as %0 to slow down the growth and reproduction of aerobic organisms which would otherwise cause oxidation. The removed oxygen is then replaced by another gas such as nitrogen, a more inert gas, carbon dioxide which serves to lower the PH (acidity level) or inhibit the growth of bacteria or carbon monoxide to preserve the red colour of meat.

The process differs between types of food contained, for instance, meat, fish and cheese are non-respiring products and thus require high barrier films with very low gas permeability to maintain the initial levels of gases flushed into the package whereas fruits and vegetables are respiring products that require low barrier films with high gas permeability. For fruits and vegetables, the amount of oxygen is lowered and the amount of carbon dioxide is increased to slow down the respiring to keep them fresh for a prolonged period.

Fitpak MAP packaging

Fitpack modified atmosphere packaging comes with total packaging solutions by providing both a bottom and top foil and lidding film options. Fitpack map packaging comes with UV light protection to provide an extra layer of protection for your food while also preventing the colour saturation.

İt comes with an antifogging feature so as to ensure clear visibility to the product contained Peelable top lid allows for easier access to the contents of packaging while simultaneously offering protection against unintended breaches and strong lock-seal makes it safe for storage even on wet or oily surfaces.

Fitpak MAP packaging comes with various colour options such as white, blue, black and transparent for high barrier films and rigid foils along with 10 colours flexo print, partial matte lacquer, haptic lacquer available for all products.

You can also contact Fitpak for a more customized packaging option.


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