Fitpak Cheese Packaging Materials

Fitpak Cheese Packaging Materials

Cheese is a product that needs a slightly more complicated packaging technique than some other products. Packaged with an application known as modified atmosphere packaging, the shelf life of the cheese is prolonged while its color, smell and taste are preserved. Of course, this is also true for a wide variety of products, but especially for cheese, as most cheese types are subjected to fermentation process.

Fitpak Solutions produces great approaches for people to enjoy more flavors and more pleasure from foods such as yogurt, cheese and dairy products they consume. Fitpak cheese packaging materials keep your products fresh and keep their flavor while increasing their appeal on the shelves and extend their shelf life.

These materials, which provide high temperature adhesion strength, also offer durability to prevent leaks in both shops and homes. We offer cheese packaging solutions that control gas changes to support special barrier properties to keep cheese and yogurt fresh. We also protect your products from unwanted consequences such as dehydration, mold and bad odor absorption.

Various and Functional Cheese Packaging Materials with Different Properties

Fitpak cheese packaging materials, which you can easily see the contents of the packaging, with the feature of re-closing, offer solutions that prevent misting. Although applications are standard to achieve the best results in terms of cheese packaging solutions, Fitpak stands out in the industry with its ability to offer more customized solutions to your demands and needs.

The detachable sealant resins provide easy opening, strong, safe seals that prevent tearing and detachment of the lid, allowing consumers to know that the products are closed until they open themselves.

Permeable packaging films that optimize the ripening of cheese, control the water vapor, oxygen and carbon dioxide gas exchange, protect the product without affecting the flavor and fine-tune the barrier properties of the structure are ideal for use in both film and sheet.

Fitpak always continues to offer quality to its customers and to give a strong vision to the industry with doypacks produced by paying attention to nature, human life and health.

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