% 100 Recyclable High Barrier Films

% 100 Recyclable High Barrier Films

Production, storage and market presentation of natural food is very important for the consumers. Food producers will be able to present the fresh, additive-free food with the same quality via our 100% recyclable high barrier films. On the other hand, the packaging which is normally disposed after being used will be recycled after handling, thus it will be re-used as raw material in the plastic production sector.

Features of Recyclable High Barrier Films

Our recyclable films have been designed to be used for MAP, horizontal – vertical gas flush fill (VFFS – HFFS), thermoform packaging of precious food products such as meat, sea food, dairy products.

High OTR and WVTR barrier will enable long shelf life. Please check our website for more information on our recyclable high barrier films: https://www.fitpackagingsolutions.com/en/products/food-packaging/recyclable-high-barrier-films/

Advantages of Recyclable High Barrier Films

Usage of recyclable high barrier films in food packaging enables the food producers to have easier, more efficient production by keeping the products for longer time at distant markets, the cost of returned and disposed food drops down.

Benefits of Recyclable High Barrier Films

The latest trend at packaging films around the World is the recyclability. It is thought that recyclable packaging will assist the efforts on the struggle against environmental pollution. Our recyclable packaging product range includes recyclable top films, horizontal and vertical gas flush films, doypacks and bags. Bu using recyclable packaging film, packaging film thicknesses will decrease, down gauging will be achieved. Down gauging will reduce the amount of film used per square meter. On the other hand, after usage of recyclable films, the quantity of recycled raw material will increase and recycled raw material will be easier to access. Since less freshly produced plastic raw material will be used in many packaging type, the struggle against environmental pollution will be supported.

We hope to contribute to the economy and the struggle against environmental pollution through our recyclable high barrier packaging films. We are at our customers’ service with our recyclable packaging solutions which we produce by means of our long lasted R&D work, knowledge on packaging and state-of-art production plant. Please contact with our sales representatives to get more information on our recyclable films, doypacks and bags through phone numbers, email addresses or contact form on our contact page. We will look forward to hearing from you to decide on our recyclable films as per your requirements.

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