We Are Providing with Solutions for Animal Breeders Through Our Silage Films

We Are Providing with Solutions for Animal Breeders Through Our Silage Films

Silage composes the largest winter feed input of the breeding farms. Many applications from burying the silage under the ground to wrapping the silage bales in thick sack clothes have been tried. In present day, most of the farmers use our silage film which is the safest packaging way among many silage storage ways.

Whether keep your silage bales outdoors or indoors, using silage film has many benefits for breeders. Silage film brings about high protection for your silage bales at all conditions. You can see the benefits and advantages of using silage film as below:

Features of Silage Film

Silage film has perfect mechanical features. It includes a high quality tack provider component which enables good hold and seal which is durable against all weather conditions. This component enables maximum holding and tacking and provides with air tight sealing on every bale. Please visit our website for all the features about our silage film: https://www.fitpackagingsolutions.com/en/products/industrial-packaging/silage-film/

Advantages of Using Silage Films

A Silage bale wrapped with silage film keeps all the nutrition value of the mixture. Also it prevents any unwanted fermentation development. Packing your silage bales with our high quality silage film will also help developing the nutrition value during storage phase. Lastly, silage film will enable the healthy silage which is easily digestible for your cattle.

Benefits of Silage Film

Let’s see some benefits of using silage film:

  • The cost of bale packaging is low: Silage bale packaging with silage film is a lesser cost application than the solutions such as burial, building silage tanks or depots.
  • Maximum durability: Our silage film is notable for its durability and flexibility. Its mechanical features were designed not to be punctured and damaged during silage packaging and transport processes.
  • Good performance at extreme temperatures: Our silage film is highly resistant against weather conditions and can endure against extreme hot weather and rain fall. Thus, you will get the maximum yield from your silage bale. Silage film keeps your silage safe and protects it from outside damages.

 In Order To Start Using Our Silage Film

Our silage film will keep your silage bales safe under the most extreme environmental conditions with the lowest costs. If you haven’t tried our silage film yet, please contact with us through phone numbers, email addresses or online form on our contact page.