Doypack - Stand up pouches for different applications with different structures. 

  •  With zipper and without zipper
  •  Difrent hanging holes like Euro hole, mexican head, hand hole



  • BOPET / AL / PE Structures
  • BOPET / PET-MET / High bariyer film
  • BOPET / PE structures


* Spicies pack (ginger pack, Chilli flake, orange's peel etc..)

* Nuts pack, snacks pack, and dried fruits pack  

* Dried tomato pack, Sundried tomato doypack pack  

* Doypack for cheese, dried  meat pack, un cured cheese, liquid doypack 

* Doypack for Olive, olive oil, dried or pastorised fig

* Retort doypack for liquid soups and meals


  • Sales Representative

    Fusun Uguducu

  • Phone

    +90 236 214 07 17 - Intercom: 114

  • Email

Doypack Product List

Film CodeStructureExplanations
HB44 PA / PE Clear vacuum pouch
HB44B PA / PE Blue vacuum pouch
FP1040VP BOPET / HB40VP Laminated, high barrier, clear film for vertical fill and pouch
FP1040GS BOPET / HB40GS Laminated, high barrier, clear film for liquid products with or without antifog options
FP1010VP BOPET / PE10VP Laminated polyethylene film suitable for vertical packaging
FP1010GS BOPET / PE10GS Laminated polyethylene film suitable for liquid products


*Please move the cursor on the product code in order to see the contents of structures.


25 – 27 September 2018

Fachpack 2018

25 – 27 September 2018 Nürnberg Germany Hall 7 – Stand 735

Sürdürülebilir Ambalaj ve Ambalaj Atıklarını Azaltmak

Sustainable Packaging and Reducing Packaging Waste

Sustainable and nature friendly packaging production trend gains speed globally. This production acceleration will affect the market and it will show a stable increase in the future.


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