To increase the shelf life of products; oxygen, carbondioxide and nitrogen gas mixtures (gas flash) are adjusted to feed inside air of packing.

We provide total packaging solutions both bottom and top foil for MAP Packaging;

  • UV light barrier, to provide protection of the product colour from light that is coming from the external
  • Antifogging
  • Strong Lock-Seal on wet and oily surfaces
  • Peelable top lid which allows the packaging to be opened easily
  • High Barrier Multi-Layer Film laminations with semi-rigid APET Foils for thermoform applications
  • Transparent and white, blue, black colour alternatives for high barrier film and rigid foils
  • 10 colours flexo print, partial matte lacquer, haptic lacquer are available for all the product types.

Applications: Fresh meat, processed or semi processed meat, chop meat, ground meat, giblets, sliced cheese, traditional cheese types (Edam, Cecil, Orgu cheese).

For different products and packaging requests please contact us.

Modified atmosphere packaging

Lidding Film

MAP Paketleme Alt ve Üst Folyoları
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Bottom and top foil for MAP Packaging Product List

Film CodeStructureExplanations
FP1040 BOPET / HB40 Laminated, high barrier, clear film for PE containers with or without antifog options
FP1042P BOPET / HB42P Laminated, high barrier, easy peel, clear film for PE containers with or without antifog options
FP1042PW BOPET / HB42PW Laminated, high barrier, easy peel, white film for PE containers
FP1043P BOPET / HB43P Laminated, high barrier, conventional peel, clear film for BOPET, PVC, PS, PP, PE containers with or without antifog options
TF11 APET / HB40 Laminated, high barrier, clear, rigid bottom foil for PE containers
TF10 APET / PE10 Laminated, clear, rigid polyethylene bottom film for PE containers
C1810PAF BOPET High barrier, peelable lidding film for APET, CPET, PS, PVC, Aluminum containers with antifog

*Please move the cursor on the product code in order to see the contents of structures.


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