Deep freeze packages such as potato, fish, pizza, bread, pastery and vegetables which have become increasingly common in frozen food industry, Fitpak offers;

  • Printed or unprinted
  • Laminated
  • PE or barrier packaging solutions.

Applications: Meat, fish, chicken, potato, pizza, tortellini, vegetable ve fruit packaging.

10 colours flexo print, partial matte lacquer, haptic lacquer are available for all the product types.

For different products and packaging requests please contact us.

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Deep Freeze Packaging Product List

Film CodeStructureExplanations
PE10DF PE Clear polyethylene film suitable for deep freeze
PE10DFW PE White polyethylene film suitable for deep freeze
FP1010DF BOPET / PE10DF Laminated, clear polyethylene film suitable for deep freeze
FP1010DFW BOPET / PE10DFW Laminated, white polyethylene film suitable for deep freeze


*Please move the cursor on the product code in order to see the contents of structures.


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Sustainable Packaging and Reducing Packaging Waste

Sustainable and nature friendly packaging production trend gains speed globally. This production acceleration will affect the market and it will show a stable increase in the future.

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Importance of Working With The Right Company In Packaging Solutions

Your knowledge about the qualities of the packaging companies which you will cooperate is one of the important topcis which you should take into consideration while choosing the company you will work with.


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