You Can Inrease Your Products Shelf Life

Our packagings which we produce with state-of-art technology and present to our customers, is ideal for extending the food products shelf life along side with many areas to use.

Products to be presented to the final consumer definitely deserves care and attention when a sensitive topic such as food safety is concerned. As Fitpak Ambalaj we cooperate with specialists on topics of preserving products freshness and food safety with our Professional packaging solutions. We produce various packages in various sizes which meets different requirements for many applications. We producer many packaging solutions for our customers in various forms such as flexible packaging, vacuum bags, retort packaging, stretch hoof, MAP Packaging, doypack bags and Evoh Liner.

As Fitpak Ambalaj we decrease liquid exposition of the packed products thanks to our security approved packaging solutions and the innovative technologies we use.  Thus we prevent potential harms such as staling of products by decreasing exposition to liquids and adores of the products are inhilated  and their safety is increased thanks to our packaging solutions. You can also preserve freshness of your products thanks to packaging systems we present for you as Fitpak Ambalaj and you can increase the visual quality of your products by our packaging which will arouse your customers’ interest.

High technology packaging solutions we present to you perfectly matches the various packaging techniques which spreads among many sectors such as sea food, milk, detergent products; it has the potential to create revolution in those sectors. We consider high level expectations of our customers about packaging. We are leading in the sector throufh our Professional work on packaging solutions of food such as fish packaging, meat packaging, cheese packaging. Moreover, we present improved solutions for sectoral expanded market Access, brand awareness and consumer experience. We creadte difference to support our customers different market and product needs by the packaging solutions we produce for our customers and out qualities transcending the global standards. You can lead one step forward in both retail and food service markets by means of our packagings developed in many features.

What is Fitpak Packaging Solutions?

As Fitpak Ambalaj, we have the technology to create the most suitable environment to protect the goods to be packed. The key to create this environment is that we make research with our customers according to the product types, product formation procedures and customers requirements. As Fitpak Amabalaj we are here to solve problems such as product shelf life, product integrity, producing packages to present the good to the custoemr in retail environment. Morover, all of our products can be applied on both fresh or frozen products.

Packaging Solutions For Frozen Products
and Other Food Products

As Fitpak Ambalaj we extend the shelf life of frozen products through our packaging solutions. In addition, we produce special solutions to present the products in the same package considering their integrity and preventing them from gettng stale. Either fresh or frozen products, we allow you to expand your market geographically through the long preserving technology of our packages.

Cooperation With The Customer Is Important At Fitpak Ambalaj

As Fitpak Ambalaj each of our packaging system is different per eact customer type and request. Thus, we develop a partnership with our customer based on cooperation. We test the products which the customer wants to pack at our R&D laboratoires and consider the special requirements in the packaging of them. We realize the process with the acquired real data. Our solution areas: Fish Packaging, Doypack, Flexible Packaging, Meat Packaging, Evoh liner, MAP Packaging, Cheese Packaging, Retort Packaging, Stretch Hood, Vacuum Bag and many more high quality packaging services.

Our cost may differ according to product requirements while we are producing advance level solutions with you and for you. Thus, we cannot define our costs until we cooperate with our customer to develop special packaging systems. We work not only to fulfil sectors requirements in high levels but also to add value to our customers’ product and brand.

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