Sustainable Packaging and Reducing Packaging Waste

Inclination towards nature friendly and sustainable packaging production has been gaining speed globally. This production velocity will obviously affect the market and will show a constant increase in the future.

Today many packaging companies have begun using nature friendly packaging materials which will not affect the nature negatively after it completes its functionality during its life cycle. Sustainable packaging also helps decreasing the costs about packaging design.

As Fitpak Ambalaj we are also acting with our nature friendly vision and mission and we contribute to sustainable packaging for our world. While making this contribution, we manufacture our sustainable packaging following the below procefures without making any concessions on quality.

1. Using Recyclable Material In Production

We care about using recyclable materials while producing packaging solutions on areas such as Doypack, Evoh Liner, MAP, retort, stretch hood. Our Fitpak packaging can be used for stocking office equipments or other ends. Thus, you can help reducing the waste in the world and prevent addditional costs by purchasing unused products.

The fact that the materials we use are recyclable helps in converting into other products later on. Fitpak Ambalaj’s packaging materials’ being sustainable prevents them to be wasted or to be stored in storage areas.

2. Encouraging Minimal Packaging In Production

As Fitpak Ambalaj we are tying to stay away from designs which wastes packaging material and negatively affect the sales by considering our customers’ requirements. We consider the way the packaging design is develeoped while producing our packaging solutions.

3. Solutions We Produced For Safe Packaging 

We produce our products without ignoring our customer’s view by packing in large boxes, but by presenting packaging solutions which meets the requirements. Thus, we both produce direct and indirect utilities and we introduce convenience for long range transport.

4. Professional Staff Training

We always keep our sensitivity to the waste of quality material and we destroy the waste without harming the nature befitting with out nature friendly, sustainable strategy. Therefore, we transfer the information about the applications on our production area in a precise and careful manner to our professional staff. Professional staff training is one of our sine qua non vision and mission applications in our packaging solutions.

Reduction of waste harming the nature and its correct destruction is one of the most important steps of our sustainability policy. AS Fitpak Ambalaj, we are contributing in greening our planet by the packaging solutions we consider and provide with such as Fish Packaging, Doypack, Flexible Packaging, Meat Packaging, Evoh liner, MAP Packaging, Cheese Packaging, Retort Packaging, Stretch Hood, Vaccum Bag. We are having our staff specialized in sustainability and realize our this manner at our factory.

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