Is It Possible To Reduce Costs Through Packaging Automation?

Although the costs regarding to packaging solutions are daunting, packaging automation is provided thanks to newly develeloped Technologies and costs are falling without sacrificing the quality.

High techology machinery making packaging automation adds speed to packaging solutions. Thus, automatic packaging process is managed easily and in a Professional way with the right work flow strategies. Moreover, all this process allows realizing the work successfully fort he customers with the most suitable price/performance balance. Automation has many features reducing the costs whether it is the first steps of a manufacture or a factory has been producing for many years.

Expanding Production Volume

An automatic packaging process which is set strategically right and optimized, can hasten the work dramatically for both professionally and problem solving orientation when packaging is considered. This speeding up also enables the increase of yield in direct proportion. Moreover, we use our work force specialized on packaging with the highest efficiency. As Fitpak Ambalaj we get faster and more efficient results through shorter production time.

Investments we completed on our automation system in professional packaging which minimizes the time loss for more packaging and more production increases our productivity day by day. Moreover, we applied global scale quality standards on many packaging solutions such as fish packaging, doypack, flexible packaging, meat packaging, Evoh Liner, MAP Packaging, cheese packaging. Our service and Professional approach which meets all of your requirements, gives us utilities such as presenting flawless packaging solutions for our customers and increasing interest of our customers. Furthermore it adds speed in packaging process to both our customers and us.

We have the power to produce more quality products with more precision thanks to increasing work volume, precise production numbers as a result of automation and sensitivity in packaging technology. As Fitpak, we minimize human failure by means of our automation system.

The technologies we apply minimizes the risks in the distribution chain and/or retail market which can potentially harm our customer’s brands. Moreover, in all this process we apply as Fitpak ambalaj material isn’t wasted in production. You will have experienced many ways of improved product packaging technology by our specialist, optimized and suitable budget packaging solutions and you will have utilized the utmost performance service.

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