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Fitpak presents complete packaging solutions such as high barrier, PA, EVOH based 9 layer films, MAP and vacuum pouches.

Having targeted Fit Packaging Solutions for every product, FITPAK Ambalaj ve Kimya San. Tic. A.S. was founded in 2012. Our facilities are built upon 10.000 m2 land and the production started in Manisa Organized Industrial Zone in 2014.

FITPAK Ambalaj;

  • Offers complete packaging solutions with high barrier PA/EVOH based 9 layer film line, printing and lamination machines for meat and dairy products, concentrated fruit juice, wine and catering, MAP and vacuum packing etc..
  • Our product portfolio also include PET based  semi rigid thermoformable bottom foil by laminating high barrier film. Easy open,  peelable,  re-closable, antifoging, lock seal top lidding films  with printed and unprinted versions.
  • Economical pallet cover “Stretch Hood” which nicely covers pallets of products such as raw material, white goods, ceramic, brick, beverages, biscuit .   Thanks to its high elasticity. Stretch hood  has been included in our portfolio as it suits the conceptual approach of FITPAK.

We  provide services in the flexible packaging industry with our experienced staff and state of art extrusion, HD printing (10 colors), lamination and slitting machines.

FITPAK, which embraces an innovative approach through production and providing services, will  grow into a company with approximately 250 employees, which aims to produce 18.000 tons of film and 10.000 tons of printed packaging material through 5 multi-layered  high capacity extruders, 4 printing and 2 lamination machines, and bag production machines, which are to be completed soon within the 2. investment period.

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