What is Modified Atmosphere Packaging Machine (MAP)

What is Modified Atmosphere Packaging Machine (MAP)

Packaging technology has been developing rapidly in recent years. Compared to conventional methods, vacuum packaging and modified atmosphere packaging technologies are the best way to preserve food products without compromising packaging appeal.

Manufacturers working on food preservation technology must take into account these two increasingly important factors:

  1. Extending product shelf life
  2. Reducing the amount of additives used

Modified Atmosphere Packing is a method that meets these two demands -prolong product life and use less additive- and is becoming increasingly common in developed countries. It means to change the composition of the atmosphere around the food product in the package.

The Modified Atmosphere Packaging Machine is a device that helps to significantly increase profitability rates for food product manufacturers and suppliers. It supports you to achieve efficiency at the highest level in the supply chain. You get maximum savings with long shelf life and non-degradation products.

Modified atmosphere packaging machine is an innovative technology. It is also called nitrogen or gas washing equipment, and extends the shelf life of food products. Moreover, there is no need for a protective or freezer when doing so.

Modified atmosphere packaging machine is a truly unique technology. It creates a fully modified atmosphere. Thanks to this technology you can achieve residual oxygen levels of 1% and even lower. You can package your products without damaging the image or texture with the MAP. So you can appeal to brand new and very different markets with your quality products.

Modified atmosphere packaging has a wide field application area and can be applied to a wide variety of products. These products mainly include; meat, sausage, salami, baked goods, prepared foods, cheese, milk powder, coffee, fruit juice, wine, chips, nuts, dried fruit, fish, seafood, etc.