Vacuum Pouches Wholesale

Vacuum Pouches Wholesale

Vacuum pouches made of the highest quality laminated poly-nylon material help extend the shelf life of various products thanks to their robustness and multi-layer vapor permeability. They are resistant to impacts thanks to their flexible structure and also they offer high-level clarity in your packaged products.

Durable vacuum bags provide your customers with the ability to boil, freeze, and microwave your packaged products. Therefore, vacuum pouches wholesale are one of the best solutions for your business.

With vacuum bags, you get a complete barrier protection and keep moisture out of your packaged products. The most important reason for the long life of vacuum bags is multi-layer polyethylene and nylon resins.

Robust, Functional Vacuum Pouches Wholesale to Suit Your Diverse Needs

Thanks to their excellent moisture and oxygen insulation, food can be boiled for a long time with these vacuum bags. This is a great packaging solution for a wide range of food products such as meat, fish and poultry. Of course, in order to get the most optimum results, it is recommended that the vacuum bags be heat sealed.

Fitpak offers food-grade vacuum pouches wholesale for any applications requiring food packaging or vacuum bags. Vacuum pouches are available in many sizes and depending on your products and needs, you need to request various vacuum bags in different sizes.

What are Evoh Liners and What Do They Work for?

Evoh Liner is a co-extruded primer suitable for products requiring a sealed bag. While Fitpak offers Evoh Liner services in accordance with customer demands, they examine what kind of threats the product may be exposed to in the package.

They evaluate the measures that can be taken against these threats and design their packaging. They also ensure that the product is kept in such a way that it does not lose its unique smell, heat balance and aroma.

Also Evoh Liner packaging model is mainly used for preserving products such as solid and liquid food or medicines, protecting the product from external factors, providing moisture and gas control, ensuring the safe transportation of high amounts of products, and providing convenience for filling and unloading.

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