Vacuum Chamber Pouches

Vacuum Chamber Pouches

Vacuum chamber pouches are one of the most widely used solutions in the industry for reliable sealing and longest freshness. These durable vacuum pouches, which allow you to store foodstuffs for three to five times longer than natural deterioration times, also protect food from burns and dryness.

FDA approved nylon and polyethylene vacuum bags do not contain BPA. They are available in different sizes for foods and all kinds of ready-made products. They are great for storing raw, half-cooked, boiled or cooked foods in a long shelf life. Special vacuum chamber pouches, which are compatible with chamber vacuum sealers, provide clarity and shine to your packaged foods.

You can find these vacuum pouches in dozens of different sizes on the market with a wide range of options such as 3 mil, 4 mil and 5 mil pouches.

Vacuum Chamber Pouches for the Longest Lasting and Quality Storage

For example, 4-Mil Vacuum Chamber Pouches, with the help of an extra layer of protection, have gained greater resistance to damage such as abrasion and puncture.

4-MIL materials are extremely suitable for processing sharp things such as bony or forked products and are able to prevent problems like discharge or leakage.

5- MIL vacuum chamber pouches are the highest quality materials. We can easily say that there is a first class product among its derivatives. It provides 5 times more shelf life and maximum sealing to your products compared to all conventional storage procedures. Extremely resistant to wear and puncture, these pouches are the perfect choice for storing products such as crabs and fish.

Evoh Liner for the Most Difficult Conditions

You know that you should avoid risking your business because of a pouch that you cannot be sure of. Evoh Liner is such a material that can facilitate the transportation and storage of even difficult products like detergents and spices.

It is a specially formed material for the transport, storage and long life of dust and liquid products with a strong sealing ability.

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