Use Fitpak Vacuum Pouches to Keep It Fresh

Use Fitpak Vacuum Pouches to Keep It Fresh

The term vacuum pouch refers to the practice of vacuuming the air within a package prior to sealing to remove the oxygen inside it. The idea behind is to inhibit the growth of microorganisms that would otherwise use said oxygen for oxidation, causing your products to go rancid. Simply put, this is a good method to prolong the shelf life of certain products.

The benefits of vacuum packaging

First and foremost, as stated before, vacuum pouches keep your product healthy and available for consumption for a prolonged period by inhibiting the growth rate of certain microorganisms and preventing it from releasing certain volatile gases depending on the type of product you have in it. It also happens to be a very simple and widely accessible method of packaging, making it a common packaging practice.

Additionally, by removing the air inside the package, vacuum packaging practice reduces the bulk of the product so it covers much less space as opposed to older methods of packaging, making it easier to store and handle. Last, but not least, a vacuum pouch prevents products from displacing inside the package, protecting the original, intended presentation certain food products have.

The shortcoming of vacuum packaging

Vacuum pouches do come with one downside, however, and it is that fragile or soft exterior products aren’t ideal for vacuuming as they might break or squished into losing their original form, so, their use is mostly limited to products with solid exteriors like nuts, cereals etc.

Vacuum packaging can also be used for vegetables, fruits, meat and cheese, though often, a more complex packaging method called modified atmosphere packaging will be preferred over vacuum pouches for these products.

Why Fitpak vacuum pouches?

While common, vacuum packaging still yields better results when done professionally. Having your product randomly vacuum sealed inside a random plastic package will not be the same as doing so at a sterilized location that uses specific plastic package structures that are optimized for your product. Fitpak does this for you, their packages also come with more customized options and added features such as zippers, colour options for the package itself and the printing, various hanger options and stand up pouches with three or four side seals.

They also offer more personalized packaging solutions should you desire to put in a manual order.

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