Use Fitpak Lidding Film to Showcase Products in Style

Use Fitpak Lidding Film to Showcase Products in Style

Lidding film is the top part of modern packaging options. At first look, it serves as a showcase for the contents of a package and as such, is often transparent or semitransparent with various colours. It is also a surface upon which certain information regarding the product you are buying and the producing firm is printed. So, at first gaze, one might think there isn’t much to a lidding film other than display features, but in reality, lidding films play an essential role in packaging solutions for various products.

The role of lidding film

Lidding films are indeed a showcase for contents, this holds especially true for food products were seeing the product before buying is essential. So it is important for a lidding film to have antifogging features to have good vision inside the package. But lidding films aren’t in any way limited to just being windows to product packages, they are in fact part of the sealing feature that packages need to offer for various food types. For instance, a meat package without a high-barrier film will render the whole package useless.

Different types of products call for different types of packages and thus lidding films. For instance, when modified atmosphere packaging method is used to preserve a product, either a high-barrier or low-barrier film is needed for sealing the package depending on the respiring or non-respiring nature of the product contained.

In addition, lidding films also double as the opening points for almost all packages. What this means is that they need to be easy to open and yet difficult to breach. So the material used needs to be flexible yet durable while also being puncture resistant.

Fitpak lidding films offer additional features

On top of all of the above, Fitpak lidding films come with a multitude of added features. These come in the form of Black, white, blue and transparent lidding film colour options with 10 printing colours. Peelable yet durable and puncture resistant top lid for ease of use

UV light barrier to prevent light related colour saturation on certain products like meatMulti-layered films that are suitable for thermoforming applications to maintain a steady temperature. Different material options for lidding to suit every product and need.

Personal customization option upon demand via contacting Fitpak.

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