Meatpacking Brunch and Healthy Food with Meatpackaging

Meatpacking Brunch and Healthy Food with Meatpackaging

Meatpacking brunch is an eating habit that has a very important place in daily kitchen shopping especially in USA and European countries. So it is also important that such a food consumed so intensely is healthy and that it reaches the end user’s home in the most sterile way from the production point.

Not only microbial and hygienic measures, but also a strong packaging against fogging and fading of the color of the food is a sensitive position in this respect.

Meat Packaging is to cover or wrap meat products against decaying with the most appropriate equipment. In the past, packaging was done with natural materials such as leaves. Today there are special supplies made of special papers and factitious covers used for this.

Packing is done to preserve meat and meat products from unwanted external effects during hiding and deploying processes.

Outside, there are a large number of elements such as mold, bacteria, yeast, insects, and chemicals that can cause disinformation of the meatpacking brunch products. We can protect meat and meat products, with proper packaging, from parasites, microorganisms, toxic substances that can be transmitted from the hands and surfaces.

However, it is not possible to get rid of all these harmful factors by just packing. Some different operations are also required. For example, we can reduce or stop the growth rate of microorganisms by cooling / heating and sterilizing processes.

Our company, Fitpak, makes high security packaging which can be applied to delicatessen products like sausage, bacon and salami for you to have a nice meatpacking brunch.

Also, all processed meat and raw meat such as turkey, chops, mince, and offal can be preserved with this packaging technique.

Fitpak offers general packaging solutions like vacuum bags for meat and processed meat packing applications.

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