MAP Packaging Machine

MAP Packaging Machine

MAP packaging machine types are used for the packaging of meat products, seafood, fruits, vegetables and all kinds of chilled food products. This fully automatic vacuum packaging machine also applies to vacuuming, gas filling and packaging of medical products, various metal elements and medical devices.

MAP packaging machines are devices that close a huge gap in the food packaging industry and respond to the needs. These devices with superior technical features such as Color Touch Screen, Frequency Control of the Motor Speed, Pneumatic System, will facilitate your work in any production of small or large scale.

Color cover film or, alternatively, optical film can be used in the packaging process to reduce costs and improve your products. One of the best features of the machine is its operation with modular molds. Molds can thus be easily replaced and used in different machines. At the same time, molds have their own cooling systems.

Advanced MAP Packaging Machine Features and Its Ease of Use

Retort packaging which is conducted by using high temperature aluminum foil is one of the most common processes in the packaged food industry.

When using the machine, you can fill nitrogen and / or other protective gases into the package after vacuuming, according to the individual packaging requirements and conditions of each product. Automatic code printing systems are also available for machines according to demands and requirements.

MAP packaging machine allows you to perform customized packaging operations for soft films, hard films and semi-rigid films of different thicknesses. It is also able to stretch stretching. The machine owes its ability to quality clamping chains.

Depending on the differences in the map packaging process, you can use the options of crosscut or longitudinal stapling. At the same time, switching between these options is easy and practical.

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