Longer-Lasting, Livelier Meat with MAP Packaging for Meat

Longer-Lasting, Livelier Meat with MAP Packaging for Meat

Today we are talking about one of the best methods used to extend the shelf life of many foods that reach people’s tables – MAP; modified atmosphere packaging. Moreover, this method does not only extend the shelf life of our products, but also allows us to easily distribute them at a reasonable cost for retail sale. So, we use this method easily and frequently for poultry meat and fish products.

With this increase in demand for packaged high quality and long shelf life products, and the spread of the use of this method in the sector, innovation needs have begun to emerge. Attempts are being made to add innovations such as the color and appearance of packaged products to be more vibrant and eye-catching, and to better reflect the quality of the products.

MAP Packaging for Meat and Some Innovations

In addition, recent changes in MAP packaging for meat technology and applied techniques have emerged in response to some recent consumer reactions. Yes, consumers prefer a vivid red for meat color, but when the technology enters into the business, they become a bit more hesitant. It is true that the feeling that ‘they might be deceived’ in these hesitations has a big role; because we know that CO is used to provide a brighter red for meat.

This, in turn, affects purchasing decisions in the negative. Therefore, both innovations and updates are being made by measuring the reactions of both the industry and consumers.

By the way various studies and studies on packaging techniques are being continued – and the most exciting of these techniques are antimicrobial methods. Of course during these developments, the costs against the benefits are measured and evaluated, in every situation.

Regardless, antimicrobial treatments are promising for ‘’ products.