Fitpak Meat Packaging Solutions

Fitpak Meat Packaging Solutions

Meat and meat products require a more complex approach in terms of packaging as opposed. To, say, dried fruits and nuts where packaging solutions are relatively simple. A meat packaging solution needs to meet a multitude of criteria to keep the shelf life long, protect the colour of the meat, offer a good presentation for the customer and be easy to use.

How meat packaging is done

First, to prolong the shelf life of the meat, a practice called modified atmosphere packaging is used. This practice entails flushing inside the package with a mixture of gas and using a high barrier film that has very low air permeability to sustain said mixture of gas within the package. For meat products,  the goal is to reduce the level of oxygen inside the package to as low as 0% and replace it with gases like nitrogen, carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide. This is done in order to prevent or slow down the growth of microorganisms inside the package which in turn prolongs the shelf life of the product. Carbon monoxide has the added benefit of preserving the red colour of meat and may be the preferred filling option. Speaking of preserving the colour of meat, a meat packaging solution also needs to have a UV light barrier to protect the product from exposure to certain types of light. For meat products, exposure to natural or artificial light often results in discolouration and eventually go rancid.

When it comes to good presentation, the matter becomes more subjective as visual appeal is a lot more tangible and thus often requires having multiple packaging options. However, there are still some criteria that are expected of a meat packaging solution. First of all, it needs to be antifogging, this is particularly important because a meat package doubles as a display and it would serve no purpose if the customer can’t have a clear vision to the product.

This is done via the use of special antifogging films. Another aspect isn’t directly visual and yet is also of utmost importance, and that is ease of storage. This often comes in the form of solutions to wet and oily surfaces to make sure that the package doesn’t fall or slide off of its display.  The solution comes In the form of lock seal.

Fitpak Meat packaging solutions

Fitpak meat packaging solutions come with all of the above, so you have the modified atmosphere packaging to keep the shelf life long, a UV light barrier to protect from light related discolouration,  excellent antifogging features and special films to prevent any  possibility of fogging and a strong lock seal for wet and/or oily surfaces.

Apart from all this, Fitpak meat packaging solutions come with multiple added features, these are: Re-closable top lid to maintain protection through multiple uses

Multiple packaging structures with thermoformable foils to maintain a steady temperature within the package

Transparent, white, blue and black colour options for the high barrier film and rigid foils 10 colours flexo print, partial matte lacquer and haptic lacquer options, available for all products.

Finally, you can also contact Fitpak for a more customized packaging solution.

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