Fitpak Cheese Packaging Solutions to the Rescue

Fitpak Cheese Packaging Solutions to the Rescue

Cheese, unlike some other products, requires a more complex packaging technique. The packaging solution to cheese is using a practice called modified atmosphere packaging. This practice both prolongs the shelf life of cheese and helps it maintain its form, colour, odour and taste. While this can be said for many products, it holds particularly true for cheese as most cheeses go through a fermentation process.

What is modified atmosphere packaging?

Modified atmosphere packaging is the packaging solution used on various products such as meat and meat products, cheese and dairy products, fresh or minimally processed vegetables and fruits, seafood. The process entails altering the natural mixture of gases inside a package to keep the product from going rancid, losing colour, odour or taste. This is done by reducing the amount of oxygen inside the package to as low a percentage as 0 and then replacing the removed oxygen with a different gas that is more inert or otherwise helps with keeping the food fresh and/or healthy. The reasoning for replacing oxygen is to inhibit the growth of microorganisms, or in terms of vegetables and fruits, limiting their respiration. İnhibiting the growth of microorganisms means there will be very limited oxidation, thus keeping your food in its initial, fresh state for longer. The preferred replacement gases are as follows:

  • Nitrogen, this is a relatively inert gas that serves as a good flushing option.
  • Carbon dioxide is the preferred gas for limiting vegetable and fruit respiration while also limiting the growth rate of bacteria.
  • Carbon monoxide helps maintain meat and meat products’ red colour.

For non-respiring foods like cheese, modified atmosphere packaging also requires a very low gas permeability seal called high-barrier film. This prevents the gas levels from being diluted or altered by the natural gas composition of air by limiting or almost completely stopping gas interaction between inside and outside of the package. In addition to this, for optimum results, different types of cheese may also require some slight adjustments to the packaging solution.

Why Fitpak cheese packaging

While the procedure is pretty standard in the sense that you’ll almost always be looking at a modified atmosphere packaging to have the best results as far as packaging solutions for cheese are concerned, Fitpak still comes on top with various added features and superior customization.

Fitpak cheese packaging solutions come with re-closable lid feature, antifogging films to keep the contents of the package clearly visible at all times; black, transparent, white and blue colour options for films, foils and barriers, excellent peel seal quality, strong lock-seal for wet and/or oily surfaces and 10 colours flexo print, partial matte lacquer, haptic lacquer available for all the product types.

Fitpak also offers more customized options should you desire a more personalized packaging solution for a product.