Doypack Machine – The Vertical Packing

Doypack Machine – The Vertical Packing

The food produced for both humans and pets in bags suitable for sterilization or pasteurization requires careful work. Long-life food production is a very delicate process, and does not accept mistakes.

As Fitpak, we supply equipment for ready-made meals in bags or plastic cups. We produce a quality service in all these processes that require experience such as choosing the right packaging material, choosing packaging equipment, a patient recipe development process, and proper heat treatment.

The automatic doypack machine used in the manufacture of small-sized bulk products is designed to pack all kinds of granules and liquid products. In the automatic working cycle, products are stacked and sealed.

Doypack machine is designed to fill bulk (free-flow) products. Multi-head scale technology can be used for different product filling operations thanks to its superior features such as auger paint system, vacuum system for powder transport, weight control and metal detector.

Doypack machine offers safe operation and also has a pneumatic system for easy maintenance. It works with PLC and touch screen control system.

Automation, Security and Quality with Doypack Machine

All of the stages such as sucking, opening and filling the bag, and sealing are carried out with automatic operation. The PLC, the programmable intelligent control system, controls the entire process and thus optimizes the packaging quality.

In the machine using a single roll as the packaging material, the cycle is managed by a programmable controller and temperature controller.

All parts that come into contact with the product during packaging consist of stainless material.

This machine, which has security measures in European standards, has the feature of automatic stop and display of all faults on the screen.

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