Chicago Meat Packing

Chicago Meat Packing

Meat-packing is the business of meat preparation and packaging for transport and sales. The main purpose of the packaging business is to protect meat and meat products from undesirable effects. These effects occur in the form of microbiological and physio-chemical changes and reduce the quality of food. Chicago meat packing industry is one of the pioneering regions in America.

The slaughtering, packaging and distribution processes of all kinds of cattle, sheep and similar animals, except poultry, fall within the scope of the meat packaging industry. Although it produces a wide range of by-products, much of the meat industry is primarily focused on producing meat for people to consume.

Especially the fast-growing cities in the USA have created a new and profitable market for fresh meat. The development of large-scale farms, expanding railways and refrigeration has also had a huge impact on the growth of this market. In the United States, around 35 million bovines are slaughtered each year and 26 billion pounds of beef are packed.

Services for Chicago Meat Packing Industry

The vast majority of foods that come to our tables require a long shelf life. And today the best and most common method of extending this shelf life is the packaging method. In particular, the meat and fish packaging method not only extends the shelf life of the products but also enables the products to be sent to the end user to be distributed at the most reasonable costs. For both poultry and meat products and fish products, this method is the best choice for your business.

The demand for long shelf life and high quality food products is increasing day by day. This leads to the widespread use of meat packaging in the industry, while at the same time revealing the need for innovations and developments. Of course, packaged products are required to be more vivid and eye-catching, as businesses are always willing to reflect the quality of their products. At Fitpak, we are proud to provide quality services for the Chicago meat packing industry.

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